Metropolitan Community Church Philippines


Compassion is at the heart of every Metropolitan Community Church. Christian love is embodied through ministry among the sick, the bereaved, the broken-hearted, the poor, the oppressed, and all who suffer. Health and wholeness of the spirit, mind and body are fostered through a variety of support group and other church activities for individuals, couples and families. Since its founding, UFMCC has conducted Holy Union ceremonies as a way to celebrate and bless the joining of same-sex couples. UFMCC has been on the forefront of developing networks to provide education, care, comfort and hope for HIV-infected people in many local communities. At the national and international levels, UFMCC has been a public policy advocate for a health care system that serves everyone, and has published a variety of resources on ministry among people with AIDS.

  • Worship Service with Holy Communion
  • Support Group, a venue for socio-psychological growth for both members and friends of the church.
  • Friday Night Socials, making the bond among members stronger through fun-filled and inspiring activities.
  • Bible Study for spiritual nourishment through the scriptures for growth in wisdom and knowledge of the Word of God.
  • Rite of Holy Union / Holy Matrimony, the spiritual joining of two persons.
  • Rite of Laying Of Hands, a prayer for the healing of the sick in mind, body and spirit.
  • Rite of Blessing for persons, thing, property and relationship.